Forecast Providers

You may view a local forecast for the city of your choice from various weather providers using the links below.



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meteoblue has a few interesting ways to look at weather. People recognized differences in air quality between the city and its surroundings already in the 19th century. A city has a different climate, the so-called urban climate, which is different to the surrounding area with respect to temperature, wind, humidity, and other meteorological variables. Today, these climatic differences are increasing due to climate change. For select major cities, you can look at a Heat Map to see the "heat island" effect.

meteoblue has a Outlook for Seasonal Anomalies. You will need to input your location when using this link.

meteoblue operates a large number of weather models computed twice daily which integrates open data from various sources. A weather model divides the world or a region into small "grid-cells". Each cell is about 4km to 40km wide and 100m to 2km high. The weather is simulated by solving complex mathematical equations between all grid cells every few seconds and parameters like temperature, wind speed or clouds are stored for every hour. meteoblue provides a Multimodel Ensemble to compare models. You will need to input your location when using this link.